Store & Spare parts Supply

◆ Through our excellent store & spare parts supply system, KAMJI could provide worldwide delivery of stores and spare parts
◆ 24 hours responding system and powerful production could reduce the time cost of owner

S&P Broker

◆ Innovative information system of potential buyers and sellers of all types of vessels, all sizes of tonnage in all segments of the shipping market
◆ KAMJI could provide ship breaking service for all kinds of vessels


◆ KAMJI could provide bunkering service for more than 30 ports of China
◆ OPL bunkering service also be provided for owners time saving request

bunker barge comes to alongside target vessel for bunkering.bunker barge comes to alongside target vessel for bunkering.


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  • Fax:0086 -580 2266997
  • H/P:0086 13567688242

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