Salvage Agency

The operation is carried out by China salvage.
The whole salvage operation controlled by China MSA, the owner can not get the situation in time.
The total expense which charged by MSA will be 4-5 times of commercial price.

Through Kamji’s arrangement the Tsavliris Salvage could carry out the salvage operation in China.
With strong relationship wich local MSA, the whole process would be controlled by Kamji. The situation will be report to owner timely.
The total expense will only be 2 times of commercial price.

         The counsel fee will be saved.
         A huge amount of compensation can be saved.
         The owner coule get the situation in time.

Loss- Adjusting

Once the legal service is required, KAMJI could provide quality services as below:
1. Marine Surveys and Loss Adjusting:
◆ Full condition vessel surveys                ◆ On-hire and off-hire surveys
◆ Collision or other incidents to ships        ◆ Draft surveys for miscellaneous purpose
◆ Waters Pollution due to marine incident      ◆ Pre-loading and Discharge
◆ Cargo Damage/Shortage                        ◆ Container cargo stuffing/De-stuffing
◆ Damage to hull & Machinery                   ◆ Assitance in stowing/lashing of large objects
◆ Damage to containers
2. Other Services:
◆ Professional conslting and services for claims, recovery in respect to marine cargo and hull insuance
◆ Professional consulting and services for claims, recoery
◆ Supervison of big and medium size projects
◆ Evaluation of various objects to be insured
◆ Consulting service for cargo transportation

◆ After carrying out the shipment inspection, the results and photos(report, certificate) will be sent to client for the acknowledged.
◆ KAMJIs inspections and loss-adjusting are carried out by the independent shipment inspectors,shipment surveyors or experts can greatly avoid all of risks and ensure our clients.


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