ISO9000 Quality Management System

2022-07-18 13:57

is the English abbreviation of "International Organization for Standardization.

its full name is International Organization for Standardization.

is a global non-governmental organization,

is a very important organization in the field of international standardization.

What is ISO?

ISO Organization was established on February 23, 1947

is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its main functions are

provides a mechanism for people to develop international standards and reach agreement.

ISO spirit: say, write and do the same (write what I do, do what I write, prove it to me)

Work: If there are any regulations, they will be resolutely implemented in accordance with them.

If the regulations are unreasonable, implement the regulations first and then propose amendments.

If there are no regulations, follow the correct method and then propose to formulate regulations.

ISO9000 background

International Standards ISO9001 is formulated and revised by ISO/TC176/SC2 (Quality System Sub-Technical Committee of International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on Quality Management and Quality Assurance)


the draft international standard adopted by the technical committee is submitted to the member groups for voting, and the approval of at least 75% of the member groups voting is required before the draft international standard can be officially released as an international standard.


All ISO international standards should be reviewed every 5-8 years to review their applicability and suitability.

quality management is to meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Customer: Organization or Individual Accepting Product



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