Poseidon Maritime Exhibition in Greece Opens Grand

2022-07-18 14:51

The world's leading shipping exhibition, the Greek Poseidon Maritime Exhibition, opened at the Athens Metropolitan Expo at 18: 00 p.m. local time on June 6. This is the second major exhibition in Greece after 2018, and the 202020Maritime Exhibition was canceled due to the new crown epidemic. The exhibition will last until June 10.

Greek Prime Minister Kiriacos Mizotakis delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, praising the shipping industry's contribution to Greece. He also said that he would call on the EU to make shipping a priority for Europe and promote the environment, ship safety and economic sustainability. development.

this Poseidon Maritime Exhibition is the largest in the history of the exhibition, attracting a total of 1929 exhibitors from 88 countries, 24 national pavements, and 10 foreign ministerial delegations. During this period, organizations and companies from 18 countries will hold 68 seminars.

COSCO Piraeus Port Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise with outstanding international influence. Its exhibition hall is located in the VIP area in the middle of the maritime exhibition. The booth design is modern and atmospheric, showing COSCO's corporate style and historical mission through multimedia, and focusing on COSCO's brilliant achievements, comprehensive strength and examples of active social responsibility.

COSCO Shipping (Piraeus) Port Co., Ltd., said: "COSCO Shipping Port, as the largest port in Greece and the leading container port in the Mediterranean and the most important comprehensive port in Europe, has carefully prepared and participated in this Poseidon Maritime Exhibition. The purpose is to show the world the professional management capabilities and investment construction achievements of COSCO Shipping Group, at the same time, it promotes the quality service level of the Greek port industry and the status of the port as a hub for connecting East-West trade. COSCO Shipping Port will adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation, continue to invest and develop the port, promote the green and digital transformation of the port, and play a more active and sustainable role in helping trade connectivity, promoting the development of tourism in Greece, ensuring local people's livelihood and promoting economic development."

COSCO Shipping has taken over the operation and management of Bigang, it has given full play to its strategic advantages and COSCO Shipping's professional advantages, continuously strengthened its position in the industry, vigorously carried out port investment and construction, and continuously improved customer satisfaction. At present, the port has successfully become the first container port in the Mediterranean and the fourth largest container port in Europe. It can accept the world's largest container ships of 24000TEU and continue to provide quality services to the world's largest shipowners and alliances.

COSCO SHIPPING PORT (PPA)2021 operating results to create history and achieve high-quality growth. Revenue in 2021 exceeded its best pre-outbreak result in 2019, a record high. At the same time, COSCO Shipping Port continues to maintain its position as a leading container port in the Mediterranean and a comprehensive port in Europe, and continues to benefit the local social, economic and industrial development.

According to local media reports in Greece, COSCO Shipping Port has directly created 3000 local jobs and indirectly created 10000 jobs. By 2052, it is expected to contribute 1.5 billion euros to the Greek economy and create 125,000 jobs.

the "Belt and Road" initiative was put forward, as an important project for Greece and China to jointly build the "Belt and Road", it has become a model for China and the countries along the Belt and Road to discuss, build and share. Its development affects the leaders of the two countries. The heart also carries the expectations of the people of the two countries for a better life. COSCO Shipping Port is of great significance to the local economic and social development and the improvement of people's lives in Greece.


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